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I'm finally back!

Whew.... I was on spring break last week and this week has been tough adjusting back into work/coaching/dancing and life in general!  I went back 'home' last week to see my family and old friends - I haven't been there for an entire week in YEARS - it was a good time!  I've also worked every day this week, which is great as a sub - doesn't always happen! So, needless to say, I've been MIA on TK for a while and that was sad.  While I was back home I did go dress 'looking' with my mom and grandma - they really wanted to make sure they got to do that with me since we're 6 hours away - and of course, the dress I fell in love with was on sale. On sale so much that it wouldn't have fit into our budget if it was its normal price! So, with the blessing of my BF, we purchased the dress.  We are talking about next spring - so I know I would have had plenty of time to find a dress - but it just ended up that weekend was a good weekend to go - and now I know what kind of mood I can set with my dress for the whole thing! haha.  Well, I know alot of people said go, just don't fall in love - but, I did (tears and all), and this wedding is in the planning stages (just no proposal yet)!  I'm soooo excited! Can't wait to put it on again!!

And, hello again! Glad to be back!!
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Re: I'm finally back!

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