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Father's Outfit Help!!

What are your father's wearing for your wedding? Are you letting them choose, or asking them to wear a certain tux/suit? I know they need to be distinguished from FI and groomsmen and ushers, but how? My FI is wearing a black tux with white vest and tie, groomsmen wearing black tux with teal vest and tie; what should my father wear, and does his father wear the same thing? I'm so confused

Re: Father's Outfit Help!!

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    My dad is just wearing a tux with a black vest/tie, or he may wear a suit that he already has, I have to check it out first to see if I approve : )
  • TNMurrayTNMurray member
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    My father will wear something he already owns (he owns plenty of tux and ties) he will coordinate with my mon, so his tie won't have to be orange but it will have to match my mothers dress, which will fit into my overall theme.
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    My dad is wearing the same tux as the GM (black) with a plain ivory vest and tie.  This won't conflict w/FH b/c he is wearing an Ivory suit with a pasley ivory vest and tie.  So dad won't look like the GM but he won't look like FH either.  HTH.

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    SO that we can get the free tux for FI, my dad will be renting a tux but different from the GM's.
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