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How many items are you having at cocktail hour & reception dinner

Hey Ladies

So I was finalizing my menus for cocktail hour & dinner, & was just curious how many items brides had or will have. 

I was thinking for cocktail hour to have 8 main dishes and a chocolate fountain with fruits & pretzels. 

For the dinner I was thinking 6 main dishes (3 veg & 3 non-veg) plus naan, raita, chutneys, jeera rice. 

Plus for dessert we were going with a dessert table that had 4 or 5 different desserts. 

What do you gals think? I'm not sure if this too little, too much, or just in the middle. 

Thanks bunches! 

Re: How many items are you having at cocktail hour & reception dinner

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    Hi rsharma3

    Your menu layout sounds very good...lots of items which will prevent people from getting hungry....

    Our cocktail hour has 4 indian snacks plus 2 (std bar but included some prem alcohols) bars with a signature cocktail.

    The snacks were served for the first 45 min but then put on a station so that when the doors opened people could take more snacks and sit at their table and eat... (parents wanted that)

    For dinner we had 6 indian dishes, rice, naan plus salads

    And then we had a dessert table....there was platters of pastries, 3 different cakes, fruits and wedding cake of course
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    We did something similar to what MrsBM did :)

    For our after-wedding lunch, we had 7 homemade curries - all vegetarian, dalpuri, naan, rice, and salad.

    Our cocktail hour (4 hours later from the lunch) featured making your own chaat, with seperated chaffing dishes with the ingredients, as well as fruit - grapes, apple slices, bananas, some cheeses, and crackers, and veggie samosas, and pakora and salad.  We had one bar open outside, on the patio where the cocktail hour was, and then another bar on the inside of the reception building. 

    The cocktail hour was an hour ahead of the reception starting :)

    For dinner/reception, we had Guyanese food, Italian food, and Chinese/Indian food all vegetarian - about 7 dishes, with naan, a more colorful salad - tomatoes, spinach, green lettuce, with little sides of salad dressing that the guest could pour... and a dessert table with carrot cake sliced and ready to go, red velvet bites, and plenty of indian sweets - mithai, barfi, ladoo...  fruit as well.  We had carafes with coffee and hot water for tea as well.  The cold drinks/juices/water/soda were served by the bartenders. We didn't have a wedding cake, but in favor boxes my mom made Caribbean Rum Cake :) and we put Indian diyas for our guests as a favor.

    Rsharma3, for your 8 dishes at the cocktail hour, what are you planning?  It might be a lot of food, if it's not different from the reception dinner food...

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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    Thanks for all the feedback brides! It makes me feel more comfortable in our dinner menu selection. :D 
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