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Monday Routine & Happy Independence Day, India!

Let's get active again! What did you ladies do this weekend? Plans for the week?
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Re: Monday Routine & Happy Independence Day, India!

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    Kidlette has her 4-month shots on Wednesday. Back to school prep for Kidlet - he starts school as a big kindergartener next Monday!

    Other'n that, nothing special. Just the usual house stuff.
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    Welcome back, Steph! How is the planning going?

    The weekend was fun - I was actually in DFW's "hood" visitng a friend who moved there a few years ago. It was good to see her and her family again, but I was sad to leave for sure.

    This week is more of the same: gym, work, home, repeat.
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    This weekend was our food tasting and we met with two stage decorators. I drove to Edison this weekend in the more horrible rain.  What should have been a 90 minute trip took almost three hours.  I am in love with the first company’s stage- it is AMAZING.  the second company is ok but seems like they would be a lot cheaper.  I am waiting on a proposal from them.

    This week I need to finalize out menus so I can get the menu cards printed on vista print.  We are still waiting on about 100 more RSVPs on my side and about 60 on his.  Once we get those, I can start the seating charts.

    And I still need to send out thank you cards for my shower.  I am so bad- it’s been three weeks and I have only started them.  This week, they will all go out! Busy week ahead!

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    We went to Irish Fair.  My very Bengali FI is super into Irish sports.  Go figure!  As we were walking around, he turns to me and says, "I'm so glad you can share in *my* culture!" hehe.

    The big news this week - his parents arrive!!  They get in Thurs night and will stay through the wedding in Oct.  So I'm bracing myself.  I think the fact that I'm planning to make daal and egg curry tomorrow night to have on hand is making this more real!!  I'd love any last-minute advice!!
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    My ILs are arriving next week, so I'm trying to get the house in order before that.  This weekend we'll get the China cabinet and bookshelf, so I'll be able to unpack a lot more.  We ordered a bed which should also arrive soon.  And of course DH will be OOT for a conference, so I'll be doing this on my own... again.

    JSleik -- feel free to email me any time!
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