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Cake toppers that DON'T suck!

Most places offer "same-sex" or "interchangeable" plastic toppers, in reality there are but three to choose from. A lilly white one with blond (sometimes red) hair, a brown one with black hair and a dark brown one that sometimes has hair at all. If you are planning a casual wedding and don't want a big blob of flowers on top of your cake, or little twin/insestual looking tuxedo people, your up a creek!BUT THERE IS HOPE!After a few days of nonstop hunting for something that wasn't a bobble head, or some creepy clay doll looking thing, I found a alternative to all that is evil ugly and plastic! offer several choices of toppers in a variety of metals. The designs are elegant and worth keeping, even displaying after the day of the wedding! We decided to go with the one entitled Metamorphose in pewter.Note: Most if not all come on a detachable marble base so they don't sink through your cake. When we called they were very friendly and helpful.

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