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I called it off :'(

OMG..... I called off our November 3rd wedding....about 5 hours before it was to begin. It sucks, it's horrible. We are working through things....we have a 3 yr old son together. Things were said and done the night before that made me realize we weren't quite ready yet...even after being together for five years. All the stress of the wedding planning exploded in our faces. So, we are going to work really hard on the important things in our relationship and set another date sometime after the new year....maybe February. Besides grieving over losing the beautiful day that was planned and can never be the same, the fact that we should be married....the loss of money hurts too. It was the toughest decision of my life, but the right one given the circumstances of the night prior.
I wish you all the best of luck! And don't let the stress make you guys crazy!Kiss
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Re: I called it off :'(

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    and now I can't get rid of my ticker...
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    I'm sorry that it turned out the way that it did, but if this is what it is going to take for you two to be happy together & for the marriage to work, it's for the best. It's better to have done this 5 hours before than to be married and not ready for it.

    Wishing you the best of luck & I really hope that you and your FI work through the things that you need to.
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    I was engaged before my current FI, wedding booked and everything, I called it off as well.  But we had no kids together.

    If you have a gut feeling something isn't right, then you did the right thing.
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