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Don't worry; I only expect H to keep a bail fund for me.

A 22-year-old New Hampshire mother is being held on $100,000 bond after she allegedly crawled into another motorist’s car and zapped her on the leg with a stun gun.As Carissa Williams waved the black immobilizing device at 28-year-old Corinne Leclair, Leclair screamed “I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant!”According to Concord, N.H., police reports, the altercation began after Williams allegedly started yelling at Leclair for driving the speed limit, which Williams felt was holding up traffic. Williams also reportedly threw bottles and other objects from her car toward Leclair’s.Leclair followed Williams to a stoplight, when she called police to relay Williams’ license plate number, at which time Williams left her car idling at the intersection — her six-month old daughter in the backseat — and ran toward Leclair’s car yelling “stop following me!” She then opened the back driver’s side door and Leclair saw the stun gun.From the" target="_blank">Concord Monitor:Leclair said Williams reached over the driver’s seat and attempted to strike her with the device.“I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant,” Leclair screamed as she climbed over the center console and into the passenger seat in an attempt to get away, according to the report.Williams then climbed into the backseat and struck Leclair with the device, which shocked her upper left thigh for two to three seconds as she continued to yell that she was pregnant, according to the report.

Williams admits to opening the door but says she only yelled at Leclair. On investigating the incident, Leclair submitted photos of red marks on her leg where Williams allegedly hit her with the stun gun.

According to the Monitor, Williams was charged with “two felonies, second-degree assault and breach of bail conditions on prior charges out of Grafton County, and two misdemeanors for endangering the welfare of her child and criminal trespass.”

Williams denies she intentionally touched Leclair with the stun gun, but admits there may have been inadvertent contact. She also says she was being terrorized that day on the road.

Prosecutors asked a judge to set Williams’ bail high, saying she has a lengthy criminal record in four states and that she’s a flight risk.

Someone should probably take her stun-gun away as well.

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