Why can't people RSVP?

I sent out invites over a month ago. RSVP deadline was April 29th. I'm still waiting to receive a quarter of the RSVPs. How hard is it? All you have to do is write your name, check a box, and seal the envelope! The envelopes are addressed and stamped for god's sake. Just take the two freakin' minutes and do a bride a favor! Ugh!

Re: Why can't people RSVP?

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    Wow....I'm NOT looking forward to that part!
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    people are lazy jerks..
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    *vibes* for the rest of your RSVPs ASAP
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    Oh man! I am definitely dreading that part! I have a feeling I am going to have to call quite a bit of people. I almost feel like writing on the invitation itself: "If you don't reply, then dont come!" lol     I wish!
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    You know, before I was planning my own wedding, I was one of those ppl who had to be tracked down.  I just figured, well, they know I'm coming (because I'd talked about my plans with the couple), so no worries.  And it didn't seem urgent to me.  I'd drive around for weeks with the RSVP filled out and in my purse and just forget to drop it in the mail.

    Now, I realize why that'll drive a bride crazy, but then I was very nonchalant about it.

    Usually a call from the bride would prompt me to get my act in gear, though, so hopefully that will work for you.  Have your FI make the calls for his side, and you can hopefully divide and conquer.  Good luck!
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    Ugh how annoying!  Since when is it ok to not RSVP to a party?  Like hello, don't you know how frustrating it is to sit and wait?  I sent mine last week and have received quite a few back, surprisingly.  When do you need the final count for the caterer, etc?  I would have your mom or MOH start calling those people a few days before the date.  I've def learned from this to never not RSVP to anything!  Even if it's a random FB event. 
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