Wedding Woes

You know what's weird?

I had 50 invitations and 50 rsvp cards.

I bought 100 stamps

I put a stamp on every single envelope, and only have 3 of each left.

I now have 45 stamps left.

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Re: You know what's weird?

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    Correction: I have 3 invite cards, invite envelopes, and 2 rsvp cards and envelopes left. Not sure how that happened. Super awesome though.
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    Did you buy more stamps than you thought? Or did you forget to stamp RSVP cards?

    My mother stuffed, unstuffed, and restuffed all 150 of my invitations a total of 5 times. Once because she realized halfway through that some of the invites were printed upside-down or crooked, once because she ended up with too many leftover accommodation cards, once because she put the wrong stamp on one of the RSVP cards, and once because she had more RSVP stamps left than envelope stamps and thought she'd missed one.

    This all happened over the course of a day while I was at work. I was weirdly bummed that she did it all without me.
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    I went through and stamped all the RSVP envelopes first, so I am guessing either he gave me more stamps than I bought or I will be getting a lot of returned envelopes. Which seems pretty impossible since I rechecked all of them before mailing them out, then had them checked by the secretary before she sent them out. So, I'm a thief. If I send them back will I get the post man fired?!
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