Wedding Woes

Why can't this be easy?

We hired someone into a vacant position that will eventually lessen my workload.  Awesome.  Since I'll be gone all next week, I need to make sure the other computer can be set up by IT.

Problem: The battery backup is dead.  As in, delivers no power to the computer at all.  My battery backup also died recently, so I've been using the only spare power strip I could find.  I've been looking all afternoon for another and can't find one.  And I was told I'll have to wait until next month to order battery backups for us both.

**Sigh**  I want to just go to Staples and buy a second power strip, but we can't do that either.  Everything has to be ordered through a specific company.  During the correct ordering period.

Re: Why can't this be easy?

  • That's some BS red tape. 

    The fan on DH's laptop died and the computer won't start up.  It's his busiest time and he needed to work this weekend.  Oops.

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