Wedding Woes

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiday!!!!

Anyone not have a long weekend?  What are you up to?

- FIL and sMIL are going to be in town this afternoon so we're going out to dinner.
- Sat morning I'm kicking the family out so I can have a couple of hours of party prep.
- Sun is 6let's FOURTH bday party. 
- Mon furniture shopping.

And an aw- DH got a raise.  We weren't expecting anything since he hasn't even been there a year, but his boss said he deserved it.  Awwww

Re: It's Friiiiiiiiiiiday!!!!

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    4th birthday! wow. happy birthday, little man.

    and congrats on your H's raise.

    not much planned for the weekend, but we're going to make the best of it.
  • We're hoping for one clear day to get the garden totally cleared out.  

    I cut out DH's costume pattern last night.  We need to buy his fabric and my pattern; then I'm going to try and get the patterns and the fabric cut this weekend so we can start working on making it.  I've never done a man's jacket before, so this might be interesting.  We are the purple Married Mad Hatters.  And our cheap fabric store is in the process of moving so they're closed.  I almost cried b/c my fabric (13 yards, 15 inches) of taffeta was $70!  But I knew that was going to be the biggest cost.  I'm still hoping to come in at $100 but that might be harder now.

    I'm hoping to have one glorious day of doing nothing.  I still don't have any vacation time, so I'm really looking forward to this weekend.
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    I'm impressed you are attempting those costumes and can't wait to see the final results.
  • I started celebrating last night (even though I work today). I had two-and-a-half glasses of wine.

    But my wine glasses are huge. So technically I had a bottle of wine.
  • 6, I'll admit to being pretty damn nervous about mine (DH's really is pretty easy).  But I figure I'll just keep acting like it's not big deal and it'll come together smoothly.  When I was looking at the pattern last night online, I realized they actually have a community video tutorial about the pattern and putting it altogether, so I'm going to watch those at tonight.  Yeah, tonight.  :)
  • No clue what's on the books for this out yard, cleaning out bedrooms maybe. Or I'd just go for some extra sleep. assbdragon today.
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  • I don't have gig kid today or monday, so 4 day weekend fo rme!  And DH will actually get Sat & Sunday off (and monday), so he's actually got a long weekend.  He hasn't had a 2 day weekend in a few years.

    Today we'll just do our usual Friday stuff (Target and dinner out).

    Tomorrow we're sending all 3 kids to FIL for the day and DH and I are going to pain the ceiling in our living room.  Surprise!  We're too cheap to hire a painter.  We had a couple estimates and DH and I could do our living room and kitchen AND replace all the floor, window and door trim cheaper than it would be to have someone just paint the living room.

    Nothing is planned for Sunday and Monday at the moment.  I'm sure we'll find something to do.
  • today is my working Friday, so I am in the office. I have a Dr. appt because I have been feeling miserable all week (symptoms are the same as pre-surgery, so thinking I may have another cyst). will stop for lunch on my way back to the office. feeling a bit better today, so trying to get in a workout before i go home.

    we're going to a 2nd/5th double birthday party tomorrow at some sort of play/gym place. should be fun for the kids.

    no plans for the rest of the weekend. I have some movie groupons that we need to use by mid-september so maybe DK and/or I will go to the movies.
  • Barbie, is this something like the 3rd cyst now?  Is there anyway to prevent these b/c you always seem so damn miserable during this.
  • No plans, as DH and I are both recovering from strep throat.

    I cannot believe that the 6let is 4!   FOUR!   Amazing.   How can he be 4 if we just came up with the nickname "6let" yesterday?
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    He's got a few weeks until 4, but ugh I'm going to be a mess when he starts preschool next week.

  • Tonight, I'm flying to Myrtle Beach for our annual girls weekend. DH will have Baby A all to himself from tonight until Tuesday morning.

    He's fine with it, and I know A will love the one on one time with him, and I certainly could use the break.
  • V, I didn't know you sew. Or maybe I did and forgot. Those costumes look awesome and I can't wait to see the final product. We just got home from vacation last night, so we're going to do nothing this weekend, and I can't wait.
  • This is my birthday weekend, so I've made plans from Fri-Sun. I will be sleeping in on Monday.

  • Woot! Happy Birthday 6let and NOLA. congrats on your DH's raise 6. I am home. My back is still killing me, and I have a ton of chores to do before the ILs come. DH said he'd help me paint the back bedroom so tonight we may try to tape it off and prep for painting. The rest of the weekend will be chores and relaxing.
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