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So, I guess I'm getting contacts. Or something.

Just went to use our little vision benefit for the year. My vision isn't terrible - well, it kindof is in one eye, but my brain has apparently mostly learned to ignore that eye.

So now I must decide if it's better to have contacts and no tiny fingers snatching glasses off of my face or to have glasses (cute ones, imo, and I probably don't have to wear them all the time) and no contact lens maintenance to worry about.

Decisions, decisions. 

It was also my first eye exam in about 8 years. Boy those young whippersnappers sure do have some new toys to play with!


Re: So, I guess I'm getting contacts. Or something.

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    if you get contacts, get the one day disposables (this is what our eye doctor recommended for DK) - many people don't properly care for their contacts and end up doing more harm than good in wearing them.
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    Can you wear one contact?  Then it's only have the maintenance.  If you get glasses the kids will learn not to touch.
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    I have trial contacts in now. I can still tell they're there, but they're pretty comfortable. I'll use them for a while and decide before 12/31 whether to go with contacts or glasses.  I don't even remember what kind these are - She said they're technically FDA-approved to wear for six days, but she suggested taking them out every other day at most. They're not disposables, but I think they only last a month? IDK.

    The bummer about the contacts is that I can't really tell how effective they are - not like I can put on glasses and take them off and see a difference. It's not a huge difference, either way.  Some things just have a ridiculous glare.

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    I never realized how much i hate my contacts until i wore glasses to work one day on a whim. Now i carry them with me every day so i can rip these contacts out and slide into my glasses. It my eyeball equivalent of taking off my bra.
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    It takes a little bit of time to get used to them.  I have the monthly ones- which sounds like what you have.  I take them out every night and put them in solution (make sure you use whichever one the doc recommends there are some that don't mix).  I got this 6 month supply a year ago because I wear them until they start to hurt before 10 pm.

    Ask the doc if they'll price match or if there are any rebates they can offer.  On-line might be cheaper at first, but most eye docs will exchange and on-line won't.  Also ask if you'd be able to return unused contacts for credit towards glasses.

    I loathe my glasses because they weigh a ton.
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    Contacts are a lot cheaper than glasses. A lot. Also glasses give me headaches because no matter how many times I get them adjusted I always have distortion in my peripheral vision. That doesn't happen with contacts. Every 5 years or so I decide to try glasses again and end up spending shittons of money just to be disappointed.

    I do recommend taking them out every night regardless of how long they say you can keep them in. My eye dr actually recommends not wearing them for more than 8 hours a day, but with my aforementioned problems with glasses that's out of the question for me.
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    I have both, but tend to wear my glasses more, because I really can't put in contacts before 8 am. Seeing as how I get up at 5:30 for work, this means I wear glasses most days. Also, if you don't need to wear them all the time, I think glasses are better. Your eyes get used to having the support of the glasses or contacts and then your vision can get worse. At least with glasses, you can take them on and off as needed. 

    I'm also really bad with contact maintenance, I can never remember how long I have been wearing them, and whether I washed them or not, so I went with dailies. Much easier, just open them and then toss them at the end of the day. They are more expensive though.
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     Your eyes get used to having the support of the glasses or contacts and then your vision can get worse.

    Not true.  The fact is if you are straining to see you can do more damage.
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    I'm trying to figure out how contacts are cheaper than glasses.  My glasses cost $80 (and probably won't buy them again for 3 years) where my contacts are $18 for a six week supply.  I have two week disposables that I take out at night.  Once you get used to taking them in/out, it takes 60 seconds in the morning and night.  I rarely wear my glasses, mostly because I'm blind and everything is beer goggles & no peripheral vision.  I would wear them more if it was just for reading or driving because I think they are cute.

    I imagine your kids are much like my nearly 30 y.o. husband who breaks his glasses at least once a year, which is why he has two pairs and usually gets two pairs every year.  And his are insured if lost/broken for a year, which will happen.  However, he clearly is not responsible enough to wear contacts.
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    Wow, Ali. My last pair of glasses was like $400 and that was with the "cheap" frames. I pay around $150 for a year supply of 1-month disposable contacts.

    ETA: thus far in my life, my perscription has changed every year, so if I had glasses I'd at least be replacing the lenses yearly.
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    I can't wear glasses anymore, but I will always choose contacts if the choice existed.  Mainly b/c I like the full correction.  When you're wearing glasses, your correction is where the lens is, not right at your eyeball.  It can play havoc with good peripheral vision and just looking around quickly.  I also always found myself adjusting the way I held my head with my glasses as they slid around my face (adjustments every six months was just annoying).  Even with the comfort issues I have with hard contacts, they're still more comfortable than the weight and movement of glasses.

    I should add, I'm in the same boat as TD.  I have to have specialty lenses to fit in any sort of cute, smaller frame, so mine are expensive and heavy.  That might not hold true for a much slighter prescription.

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