Wedding Woes

I work with one of Zilla's coworkers

All I wanted to do was scan my stupid receipts and some woman was standing over the copier and frowning and sighing.  I was really hoping she wouldn't notice me, but too late.

Her:  (you have to imagine a really thick NC accent to get the full effect) Do you know what I'm doin' wrong?  The copier goes, but the paper don't come out!

Me:  Are you scanning, or copying?

Her:  Copying!

Me:  Oh, because it's set on "scan."  That's why you're not getting copies.  Push "copy."

Her:  [does this, copier spits out copy] Okay, thanks.  Now I just have to scan this to my email and I'll get outta your hair.  [feeds copy into copier, scans]

Me:  [suppressing palm -- /> forehead (mine, not hers)]
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