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VKN's for the week! & a little info

Will be Thursday at 8pm EST!  (I'll be on after I get out of work) and also, if anyone is interested in a DVKN (or just VKN is cool too) on Friday or Saturday 9pm EST (I'll be a little later on Friday since I have to close) let me know here!!!!  It'll be fun!!  (I'm geeked I have the whole weekend off except for Friday!)

Also, those who do not know what VKN is: Virtual Knottie Night.  We all get together online at the same time and chat.  We make posts about WR & NWR things.  It's a great way to get to know one another & to get ideas and opinions about things =) It's a grand time!!  Last week was a success!

DVKN or KUI= Drunken VKN or Knotting Under the Influence!  We have done this one yet, and normally happens on the weekends.  Also, it isn't all about getting drunk! (However, in the past on a different board we have taken shots for a game that was being played).

Hope to see you on Thursday (or even sometime this weekend!!) Again, post here if you're going to be around on Friday and/or Saturday night!

Re: VKN's for the week! & a little info

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    Count me in for Thursday.  I might be able to sign in on saturday for a bit too going to my dad's for dinner then I am home alone for the night so this will be something fun to look forward to. 
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    :( plans have changed for me- going out to eat with my co-workers on Thursday but I will be here if I get home on time!!!

    Friday I'm going to be driving to pick up my dress and shoes! YAY!!!

    Thanks for the definition!
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    I'll be here for Thursday night VKN.

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    I'm going to try and be there on Thursday night but I have to go to the gym and I might have to work late :(.  I might be around on Friday but doubtful, usually hang with FI that night and might also have to go to the gym.

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    Can lurkers/ rarely  active posters join a vkn? if so i'll be on as soon as my class gets out at 6:30ish mst ot 8:30ish est. on Thursday. Hope to get to know some of you ladies better :)
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