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Bears and Blackhawks I'm so lost

I'm so losts and I'd love some input. My fiancé is really into sports and I was hoping to make that our theme. The problem is he is a 50/50 bears and hawks fan. I wanted to do hawks theme and make it very elegant with red black and white as the colors. However I need to incorrpurate the Bears and I don't know how because they are different colors and I don't want to mix colors and make it look tacky. Any ideas?

Re: Bears and Blackhawks I'm so lost

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    As a die-hard Bears fan and season ticket holder, and almost as much a Hawks fan, I like the idea. BUT if you go too far with it, it'll look like a child's birthday party rather than an elegant wedding. Blue and orange and red and black will not look nice together. You can go with the red and black because (in my opinion) it's easier to make these look elegant than blue and bright  orange and have a Bears groom's cake, cake topper, garter, something smaller that won't look tacky if it's full-on Bears. 
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    This has the potential to look cheesy or like a child's birthday party if overdone. I would limit it to maybe your favors and a groom's cake. ETA: Bear beat me to it!
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    Thanks guys! He really wants to name the tables after bears and hawks players my family hawks, his bears. I'm thinking if i do have to put a bears logo to just do it in black and white. I just think
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    :)  Addie. 

    If you have cutesy table names, please either do a map or numbers too. Table names/numbers are such a tiny thing but if there's no method to how they're laid out, people will have to wander around for 15 minutes trying to find Tillman and then they'll think "wait, did I have Tillman or Toews?". It's annoying for guests. 

    I think a Knottie did her tables with the names of a player and the number was his number. I'm not sure if the tables were in chronological order, but that's a good idea. 

    I just had another really don't have to have a concrete theme or colors - you could do standard white and black linens and have some of the tables have blue and orange flowers in the centerpieces and others with red and white. You can use the colors however you want, I just don't recommend doing too much with logos or footballs or pucks or anything so it's not over the top sports. 
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    Can you just do a Chicago theme and incorporate both teams? 

    I picture blues music during dinner/cocktail and just small incorporations of the teams so it doesn't get cheesy. 
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    You could maintain a primarily Hawks color scheme, but add some Bears touches that would not impact it as much visually.  Perhaps your wedding party or you and your FI could be announced with the "Bear Down" theme or the Super Bowl Shuffle playing.  Your garter could be Bear themed as well.  

    Depending on your rehearsal dinner plans, perhaps you could make that Bears related, and keep the Hawks theme and colors for the reception.
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    Being from the Chicago area and a HUGE BEARS and BLACKHAWKS fan - I love the idea. But as stated before, you don't want to over do it either. I would say stick with the colors of the blackhawks and it's more wedding appropriate. As far as your table ideas, it's a good idea, but I would use the players number and their name for the tables, otherwise I think it would get confusing. Good luck and would love to see pictures
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    This sounds very familiar... my fiance and his 5 brothers are huge Bears fans. 
    Here's how we've snuck a little bit of it into our wedding:

    Our color is a bright ocean blue, with some orange/yellow/white as accents.  He tells everyone that we are having a blue and orange wedding...

    Table numbers are jersey numbers of Bears 'Greats' (a few of our dearest fan family members and friends might notice... otherwise it'll just be amusing that the 18 tables have numbers like 52 and 61.

    Handmade/DIY favors are small bags of glass magnets that match the colors.  A few made from Bears patterned paper will be mixed in.

    At the rehearsal dinner, there will be a few other, minor Bears details.  (A great, casual option to add in personal touches that didn't make it into aspects of the reception)

    Like others mentioned, do your thing to personalize and let your groom add his touch, without it just being all about the sports/teams!
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