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don't know what to do

Hi all,
I was contemplating whether to put this in DW or FL board. FI & I might be booking with Sand Petal Weddings but since we're up in NH we can't do the normal meet & greets, food tastings, etc. Their biggest package is affordable compared to up here so we're also a little sketchy. Does anyone have experience with them? Heard anything? TIA.

Re: don't know what to do

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    Most of the time DW brides aren't lucky enough to do a site visit, so you're really just going off of reviews and recommendations.  Have you searched the internet for reviews from other brides of this company?  TripAdvisor might have some helpful info on that company.
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    I don't have advice specifically on that but welcome to the board!
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    Don't forget to check the BBB website - they give a grade from A-F for most businesses.  Also, when I was planning my DW in Savannah, I posted an ad on the local Craigslist asking for recommendations and got a ton of responses back. GL!
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