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Update on FI's "Man" Shower

Hi All!

I feel like I'm missing so much... I've been gone all day.

I went to FI's job today for his "Man" shower...  it was really nice...  All the admins at the law firm he works at got together and set it up for him.  They ordered lunch and all wanted to congratulate us and hear about our wedding plans.

The ladies gave him a nice card with a generous gift card.  Then walked in the Main Partner of the firm and gave a speech about how much work FI has done for them and how they are going to miss him when he's on vacation and what not and then handed him a card from the 3 managing partners with a very generous monetary gift!  It really was super thoughtful and I'm sooo glad FI works for a great Firm.  At least any financial worry I had with the wedding is eliminated! 

I'm still not super excited about all the ladies taking him drinking tomorrow night... and if I didn't have a million things to do and wasn't limiting my drinking I probably would join them.  But I'm just being a brat... they are just trying to be nice.  So I'll let it go.

Overall it was a good day!
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