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private ceremony with just us - then reception back home? what's the Ettiqute?

Hello,  I know this topic has been asked before - but we're thinking of having our ceremony (just the two of us) on the beach.   Our reception will be back home.

questions are:

how long is too long to wait to have the reception?

do we forfeit our right to a big reception if we only want us at the ceremony?

do we forfeit having a bridal shower, etc? 

we have the entire reception planned already!  it's just the ceremony we want for the two of us.   we live in MN and are already going away in january to a tropical climate, but our current date is for june 23, 2012.  six months seems too long to should we move that up to march? 

i'm torn on what to do!   thanks for your help :)
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