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Would/Wouldn't Do

- Have a destination wedding.
- Choose a driving destination so no worrying about flights.
- Choose a US destination so no worrying about passports/paperwork.
- Have an intimate wedding.
- Invite our parents.
- Take the time to customize our ceremony.
- Spring for the honeymoon suite.
- Keep the honeymoon short and work to plan a big trip later.
- Have a bare-bones wedding (i.e. no colors, decorations, flower arrangements, etc.).
- Give lots of sh*ts about our photos/photographer.
- Do lots and lots of research!
- Shellac.
- Keep calm and carry on with regard to all of that stuff that did/didn't happen.
- Stop and take it all in just like everyone tells you to.

- Move the day before my wedding.
- Start a new job the week after my wedding.
- Worry about the weather.
- Let DH have sole responsibility for the rings, LOL.
- Let myself get so worked up/stressed out about what other people would think.
- Take so much of the planning upon myself.
- Be such a slacker about working out pre-wedding, haha.
- Take so long to find and join this board.  <3
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