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The KK & KOTD (*Edited*)

Hi ladies!! 

Just want to follow up on the KK and Knottie of the Day questions.


We have had SEVERAL KK's not passed on from one bride to the next, (which is not something I could / can control) therefore there was ONE person who did not receive the KK as they had thought as a result.  There were three to four who hadn't received their KK several days prior to their leave date so I had to get one out ASAP. 

Currently, we still have two KK's MIA.  As a result of this, I've had to shift the KK's and I will update the KK list and it this weekend.

The KK information is posted here on this board as a "STICKY", however I will be sure it gets posted as a PSA on a weekly basis like before. 


Lisa is continuing to do the Knottie of the Day.  She hasn't been getting much response with regard to newbies sending their information on to her.  For January, there were only two people who replied to her.

For those who want to participate, send your info to Lisa @ [email protected]

Edited to add:  Please see Lisa's reply in athe thread below entitled "So what is going on" for a more thorough response with regard to the Knottie of the Day.

Thanks ladies.
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