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Ladies, we are back, and rested, and here's my list!

WOULD do a destination wedding. The setting was amazing, the staff were incredible, and I felt like we had just the right amount of guests (33). 

WOULD go to Iberostar Tucan again. This was actually our second time, and every time we picked up or dropped off someone at other resorts (to/from aiport and Tulum), H and I would look at the other resort, and say to ourselves, "we like ours best!" 

WOULD venture off the resort at least once. We did a tour of Tulum, H and the guys went fishing, and we went snorkling at a reef nearby. Totally worth it. 

WOULD keep it family friendly. This is totally a personal thing, but I loved that our friends and family with kids could come (and we got the sweetest note from our friend's girl about how much she loved the wedding). It makes me smile knowing that for the 8 and 9 year old girls there, my wedding will probably be the first wedding they remember attending when they grow up. 

WOULD hire the mariachi band to play during cocktail hour. Even though we mostly missed it because of pictures, it was all everyone could talk about the next day. 

WOULDN'T let me mom stress me out so much. I love her dearly, but man she can drive me crazy. 

WOULDN'T worry about the weather. Luckily, we had great weather, but for a couple days the weather forecast was bad. It would have been an amazing time no matter what had happened. 

WOULDN'T forget to bring small bills with me. We remembered to get cash after last time, but forgot to break our 20s. We were able to tip most everyone we wanted to, but could have tipped a few more if we'd had smaller bills. 

ETA: WOULD use Beach Bum Vacations. Can't say enough good things about Nanda- she helped us out tremedously (and the issue with my grandma not being listed was completely not on her end- she followed through on everything). 
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