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I'mmmm backkk!! :)

Hi there lovely ladies!

It's been a crazy day, I only have a moment to steal away on my lunch break to write! I got a flat on my way to work this morning (yay!) so I ended up getting in 2 hours late and then I had oodles of emails to catch up on, nevermind the rest of the work for the day!

Vacation was AMAZING! I love the outerbanks. I will NEVER go to Ocean Shiitty, I mean Ocean City, Maryland ever again. I could drive an extra three hours and be somewhere so much more amazing! It was so beautiful and so relaxing. What an awesome trip!

We went with FI's mom, stepdad, stepbrother, girlfriend & her 6 year old son, his step sister and her boyfriend. It was a really nice time. They rented a beautiful house in Corolla and each couple made dinner one night, they took us out to dinner the night we arrive and one night for pizza, and then we had a date night where each couple did their own thing. We did a sunset cruise one night, FI and I went jetskiing one morning, and our 2nd to last day we took the Jeep up the 4x4 beach looking for wild mustangs. We saw 17! 

It was really wonderful spending time just relaxing on the beach. I was really proud of myself with my sunscreen application. The only sunburn I got was on my scalp where my hair was parted. It hurt like hell to brush my hair but luckily the pain only lasted a day or two. I normally get burned really bad all over so I was happy that was the worst of it.

We took the margaritaville frozen concoction maker on the beach. It was AWESOME! :) I'm so glad we registered for the battery powered one. It was such a good time!

I'm really bummed because my camera died, which is going to be nearly $2k to replace and I need a replacement before this weekend. I have two newborn shoots, one this weekend, one next weekend. Then when I have the money I'll pay to get mine fixed, but since that's a 2 month process, I need a new one to get me by. I was going to get a 2nd camera anyway in case I want to start doing weddings, but I wasn't planning on doing it yet! 

Anyway, it's great to be back! :)
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