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Need help for sister's wedding!

Hi, everyone!  I'm recently married and frequented the Philly boards.  My sister was just engaged and wants to do a destination wedding probably this June or July (before the hurricane season really starts)... She obviously wants to pick a place and date ASAP to give people enough notice (although it's still not much notice at all).  She is in the stages of finding an island, so I thought I'd come to this board and pick your brains!  She doesn't want to do Mexico because of the water (my whole family is affected by it, no matter where and how filtered they say the water is).  Some places they are looking are DR, Bermuda, Bahamas, Aruba, etc.  Please tell me your destinations/resorts and what is included and how everything works.  Did you charter planes for your guests? Did you go through a travel agent?  Is your resort all-inclusive?  Any details you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry so long  :/
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