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XP: I'm back (and married) with a few pics

DH and I are back after 2 wonderful weeks in Hawaii. The wedding was everything we hoped for and then some! It was amazing to spend so much time with our 80 guests in a gorgeous destination. I don't have many non-pro pics yet, but my florist posted some pictures of our reception area on facebook. You can see my BMs and me off to one side in a couple of the shots:

As you can see from our florist's comments, the weather forecast for our wedding day and the following day was 90% chance of rain. 90%!!! We had planned to have the wedding and reception completely outdoors. The night before the wedding, I had horrible, vivid nightmares about terrible storm clouds chasing me across the ocean. There wasn't a cloud in the sky the morning of our wedding, but the papers and newscasters still said 90% chance of rain. We decided to move forward with plans to have everything outdoors. I didn't want to put everything under tents because I really wanted to have the reception area under the beautiful branching trees. Our coordinator added a tiny tent to one side so everyone could run under it if it started pouring. The tent cost us a whopping $500 (nice unexpected last minute cost), but I'm thrilled to say that the money was wasted because we didn't get a drop of rain.

The next day it dumped all day long. We could see the wedding location from our hotel, and it was drenched. I'd never seen rain that heavy for that long in Hawaii. I'm still thanking God that he held it back for 24 hours.

Side note: I'm happy to say that after 9 years of dating and a 4-year engagement, being married really does feel different. I wasn't sure it would. :)

Re: XP: I'm back (and married) with a few pics

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    Welcome back and congratulations! It looks like it was amazing so far by those pictures. Those trees are reallly neat looking, I see why you didn't want to obstruct them. I'm so happy everything worked out so well!
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    Congratulations!  Your tables (and weather!) looked beautiful.  I cannot wait to see more pictures.  I tried squinting to see you and your bridesmaids, and I want to see more!
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    Congrats Mrs. and welcome back!!!  I'm so happy for you that the rain held off and I will check out the pics when I get home.  I'm at work and they have facebook blocked, guess they figure we would spend all day on there instead of working.......imagine that!!  LOL!!!
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    Congrats! The pictures that your florist posted look awesome. I'm glad to hear that the rain held off. It sounds like you had a beautiful wedding day!
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    Welcome back, Mrs!

    The pictures look beautiful! I am so glad it didn't rain! Can't wait to see more!

    Congrats :)
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    Yay!!!! The reception pics look wonderful!!! I am very happy the rain held was meant to be! Can't wait to hear about the wedding. Hope you and your new hubby are happy and doing well!
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    truly amazing! i love your florals! Welcome back Mrs!
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    Congrats...I can't wait to check out your photos (can't access FB at work)!

    I just checked out your bio for the first time and love, love, love so many of things that you have posted/created!  Amazing job!
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    Congratulations!! Everything looked gorgeous and Im so glad that it didn't rain on you guys!! I can't believe you had 80 ppl go that is amazing =)
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    The whole setting looks absolutely stunning! So glad for you guys that the rain held off. 90% chance would have given me nightmares too! Can't wait to see more pics.
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    Congrats!  So happy for you.  And I'm glad married life is different for you :)
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    Oh I can't wait to see photos but I can't get on FB at work! Darn it! And by the way, I guess I didn't realize you had a 4 year engagement! WOW!
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    Congrats and Welcome Back, Mrs.! Your reception set-up looked GORGEOUS! Absolutely stunning - I can't wait to see the rest of your pics!
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    Congratulations! The pictures are gorgeous! So glad the rain held off for you!
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    Your reception looked amazing!   Glad to hear the rain held off for the entire day and that you had a great trip.
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    Welcome back!!! So happy that the rained held off and you had a such a wonderful time!!
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    Wow! I love the decor... beautiful.  Congrats!
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    Congrats!  I'm dying to see more pics of your wedding, from the FB photos, it looks absolutely stunning!  I love your!  You are one lucky gal to have the rain hold off like that!  :)
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    I'm at work but as soon as I get home I am looking at all the  pics!!
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