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Hey Girls!!

Haven't posted in a while due to wonky knot IT issues and I havent don't much wedding planning...EXCEPT /> />>

In February we sent out our Save the Dates (we DIYed them, they came out great, everyone loved them...and everyone wants to go....haha I'm at work so I don't have a picture)

And.........I ordered my dress two weeks ago and I just got and email that its already in!!! Galina gown # WG9830 in ivory from David's Bridal.  I was surprised I had such a great experience there, so far.  So my question....did any ladies who purchased their dress from David's have it altered there? Or did you take it some place else.  I'm probably going to pick up the dress on Saturday so I want to know my plan.

:o) This makes the wedding feel much more to 430 more days, haha

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    Yes, I just emailed my FMIL and FSIL (she has been in many weddings recently).  My FMIL said I should just pick it up and wait....I AM trying to get a little more svelte before the wedding,haha.  I think 11 months sounds like a good idea.  I actually didnt expect to order a dress a few weeks ago, but I just had to once I decided I wanted this one.  The wedding seems too far now,haha.

    Thanks for the advice!  I'll definitely do that. :o)
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    I agree about holding on altering the dress, especially since it sounds like your figure might change. Congrats though, it must be so exciting to find the dress!

    I totally understand about the wedding seeming so far away! I absolutely wish mine was sooner but because my mom is a teacher and three of my siblings are still in school so I am limited to the months of June, July and August. If only I had realized I wanted a destination wedding the moment we got engaged and not three months later!
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    Good plan!  Now you just have to fight the urge to continually try it on...  I actually had to stash my dress at my aunt's house b/c I kept wanting to try it on...  Now it is with the seamstress. 
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    haha I can also see my wanting to try the dress on.....I dont think it will need TOO much alteration.  I ended up ordering a size larger because the sample was a tiny bit too tight in the back.  It zipped...but I was a little pinched.  My body probably wont change too much, but I definitely need to tone..especially my arms!!
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    I bought my dress from David's and am having it altered there. I haven't gotten it back yet, and I have nothing to compare it to really. For me, it was just easier to have them do it convenience wise. I am just having it shortened and and a bustle added, and it  cost about $150. Agree with pp about waiting to do the alterations. Just make sure you schedule your appointment in advance as the time gets closer.
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