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Today's DW Knottie of the Day is.......

Katie (Ms.N.0906) - Congratulations!

1. First Name & Fiance's First Name
Katie and Nick

2. Your Birthday & Age and Fiance's Birthday and Age
September 6th and 28; April 16th and 27 (only slightly robbing the cradle!)

3. City Born In?
Madison, Wisconsin

4. City Live in?
Chicago, Illinois (and I LOVE it)

5. Where did you go to college?
The University of Wisconsin

6. What was your major?
Psychology, Women's Studies, Criminal Justice

7. What is your current job?
Program Director with an education non-profit

8. What is your dream job?
Principal of a public, low-income elementary school

9. How did you and your fiance meet?
We were corps members in Teach For America together

10.  When did you get engaged and how did he do it??
We got engaged in March of last year. FI had been acting weird all weekend--he was super antsy and seemed annoyed by everything (of course, now I see why!).  For example, we tried to go to one of his favorite take-out places to get duck-fat fries (trust me, these are to die for), and the line was really long, which caused him to be near outrage.  Then, we were going to make dinner on Saturday night, but at the last minute one of my friends decided to have a dinner party, so I made FI go to that.  I found out later that he had wanted to propose that night, but I ruined it by making him go to this party.  It was a Mardi Gras party, so there was king cake, and my FI actually got the baby in his piece--which I am sure made him even more nervous.  Then finally, on Sunday, we made dinner together (homemade pasta).  After dinner, he went to "get dessert" but instead decorated our hallway and kitchen with roses, candles, etc.  At the end was a fortune cookie that said "will you marry me".  OH--he had also been giving me fortune cookies all week with personal messages inside, so they all culminated in that last one.  

11. When is the Wedding Day?
June 26th, 2010

12. Where is the ceremony and reception?
At the Melia Caribe Resort in PuntaCana, DR

13. What are your wedding colors?
They were originally an ocean blue and lime green, but we have incorporated lots of shades of blue and green at this point. 

14. Where are you honeymooning?
We are just staying a few extra days in the DR.  I have to get home for a close friend's wedding the following weekend!  

15. Favorite wedding vendor so far?
I love the place I bought my dress (it is now out of business) because I got my sample dress on super, super sale.  Additionally, I am awaiting my approval picture from Angel's Accents for my flowers, which I know I will love.  

16. Biggest wedding splurge?
Hmmm...probably photography because we have a photog in the DR, one for the AHR in Chicago, and one for the AHR in Connecticut.  Also, a big splurge has been the food and drink for our AHR in Chicago, but my mom has so, so, so generously offered to pay that bill.  It was very unexpected and much appreciated.  

17. What is something you wish you could have at the wedding but don't?
So, not to get overly sappy and sad, but I wish my parents were a couple/together at the wedding.  They are currently going through a pretty difficult divorce, and that is taking a toll on everyone.  I guess I just wish that were not happening; however, it is completely outside of my control, so I have to accept that. 

18. Another knottie wedding you'd like to attend?
Honestly, anyone's!  However, when I read this question, JenJune came to mind!

19. Favorite book?
Great question--there are so many.  One of my favorites is called "The Lover" by Marguerite Duras.  I also love the short story "The Yellow Wallpaper"--it made me think for months.  As for children's books, which I spend a lot of time reading, nothing is better than Wayside School, The Little Prince, Fredrick, and The Witches. 

20. Favorite movie?
Easy.  The Royal Tenenbaums.  Love every minute of it.  I also really enjoy super cheesy 1980s horror movies.

21. Favorite tv showS?
LOST, Monk, Freaks and Geeks, Murder She Wrote, My So Called Life, Dexter, Welcome Back Kotter, and, my all time favorite, Six Feet Under

22. Favorite wedding dress designer?
Watters and Watters (because that's what mine is!)

23. Any advice you can give?
Ask questions on this board and get a TA.  Other than that, have fun.

24. Anything you wish you could change about your wedding?We had chosen a DW because we wanted to make things easier.  So, I wish we did not have to have two AHRs.  It was a compromise to make the families happy, so I guess I'll take it! 

25. Tell us how you came up with your Knottie Name
I have been and will again be a teacher, so I have been "Ms. N" in real life.  The numbers after ms.n are my birthday (September6=0906).

26. Tell us about yourself! 
That is a really, really hard question! I care passionately about the people in my life and about the work I do.  I live in a small condo with my FI, our many pets, and a kitchen full of gadgets.  I love to cook, I love to create art, and I love to spend time with my dog Ferris at the beach.  I am a city girl who also likes to escape and camp under the stars.  I think the water should be salt-free, the pizza should have a thick crust, the cheese should come in curd form (YAY Wisconsin), and the toilet paper should always be rolled under.  

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