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NWR: Job vent & help needed

So, I haven't been very social around here lately, sorry... I ended up 'very close second' for a job I really wanted (philosophy teaching & research assistant) at my university. Although the decision is not final yet, I don't think they'll change their mind. I recently quit my job, I'll still work there parttime until the end of June, so I do need another job.

The problem is that I really have no idea what to look for. So far, I've worked in press & communications and I really want out. The part I liked about the jobs I had was the writing, but I hated the marketing part. There are no other jobs forthcoming at the university. I'm having a hard time picturing myself in a new job, I just don't know what to look for. How did you guys know what you wanted to be?

The only thing I do know is that I want to start TTC and looking for a house asap after the wedding, so that would make a job pretty necessary.

So, apart from this venting, could I ask you ladies for some help? There is one job I sort of like, although there are no openings in my region but I think there will be soon. It's for an American company, and I want to send in an application in English. But as you know, this is not my mother tongue. Would anyone like to proofread my application? Your help would be highly appreciated.
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Re: NWR: Job vent & help needed

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    Hi Eline!  I'm sorry you don't  think you'll get the job you're looking for. But if they haven't made the final decision yet, you never know!  Be positive!   I wish I could tell you how I knew what I wanted to be.  Unfortunately, I still don't know what I want to be!

    I'm an ESL teacher here in Ital and while I like it (I'm lucky because my job is very varied regarding who I teach) I don't see myself doing it forever.

    I'd be happy to take a look at your application.  I'll PM you my email address. 

    By the way what's TTC? 
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    That sucks about the job :( 

    I am a high school English teacher, or at least trying to be. I just finished school and there aren't very many teaching jobs right now. I figured out pretty early what I wanted to do. I love working with kids and seeing them learn. I figure if I can help just one student my job is worth it. 

    I'd also be happy to proof-read for you. As an English teacher I'm pretty used to it! I'll pm you my e-mail.

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    TTC is getting prego!  Charting and what not, to better your chances of getting pregnant. =) You chart your cycles and all that good stuff...a lot of the other knotties use: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/

    You'll figure it out...I've been going through the same thing...I always thought the medical field was for me, but I keep getting major bumps in the road...I keep saying well this keeps happening for a reason and there has to be my answer blatenly in my face or I just haven't found it yet...so until then, I really think that retail is for me!!

    Good luck!! =)
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    God luck! I think I am where I want to be in life job-wise or as close as I will ever be.  Right now I work for a really small CPA firm, year-round its me and my boss, but during busy season like now we have a couple extra hands.  I always wanted to be able to have kids and have a job that I can have flexibility with so I can drop them off in the morning or take them to ballet.  I'd really like to open my own firm but I think the costs are too high to do so and this guy has a great reputation and great client base.  We have been talking that we would be partners in the near future (within 2-3 years) so that works for me knowing there is someone there. 

    I would say take a step back and figure out what you want to have in life, such as kids.  Find something you can see yourself doing and find something with the flexibility that it sounds like you want.  Maybe a job as a professor in a University or something to that effect? I know here there are usually openings for one semester as professors in a University and maybe try applying to those and it will be a foot in the door at least.  I will happily read your application for you as well.  PM me your email address if you want.

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