Who's name goes first?

Fl and I are having a debate about who's name goes first.

I got our Flutes  engraved and put my name first. Well he was a little upset saying the Guys name goes first.

So I am asking for your advice..

Thanks In advance!

P.s we are paying for the wedding so i was wondering for wedding invites, Monagrams and more on who's name i put first!
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Re: Who's name goes first?

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    i don't think it matters

    what ever is alphabettically correct


    betty and johnny
    johnny and suzy
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  • HeywhitneyHeywhitney member
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    I was told that the girl's name always goes first because tradition is that the girl's family usually pays for the wedding.  Since you are paying for your own wedding it shouldn't matter though.

    To be honest...I like betty and johnny.
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  • mizjodimizjodi member
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    I think in this day and age, it's just a personal preference! I think depending on the couple's names, that would determine the order. Sometimes, the guy's name sounds better first, sometimes the gal's! I just think it depends on the flow of the names. JMO!
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  • latty27latty27 member
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    I was told that in the United States it is tradition for the Girls name to go first (my family is from the middle east and over there I was told it is tradition for the guys name to go first, since the guys family pays for the wedding in our culture). It is your wedding, you can do whatever you like. <3
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    either or... I thought guys name went first but who knows... Jonas and Jamie Jamie and Jonas... I dont know hehehe whatever sounds better.. but great question tho!!!
    Congrats to all my fellow brides to be!!!!!! WERE ENGAGED!!!!
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