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I'm baaaaaaack!

Yes, a little strange to be back. Especailly since I can't seem to get the old stuff off my account as of yet! For those of you scratching your heads (probably all of you *Smiles*) I was previously engaged to a bipolar abusive jerk. I gave him back the ring after being engaged for a good two years, right before I was going to put down the deposits on everything for the wedding. A few weeks later, we split. It was very hard, but the best decision I've ever made. A few months later, a friend of mine for over six years and I started dating. We had a lot of common interests and well, it all just happened from there. He's calm, mature, multi-faceted and multi-talented, and has a healthy workdrive. We've been together for almost two years, living together, created a business together, traveled together, and just seem to fall in love with each other more and more. I can't remember when I've been happier. Don't get me wrong it's not all sunshine and cookies, but I feel like I have a loving partner I can't wait to share the rest of my life with. So, as of yesterday, we became engaged. I have no idea what our wedding will be like, but we're like two kids in a candy store talking about ideas and things to do. So knotties, it's great to be back, and this time, I'm not dreading my trip to the altar! -Anna

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