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Don't Use Phenomenon Sound!

My husband and I chose Phenomenon Sound for our May 21, 2011 wedding and it turned out to be the biggest mistake of our entire wedding. 

We had a planning session before the wedding and went over exactly what we wanted to hear, what we didn't want to hear and even gave them a very simple "must play" and "do not play list".  They also were able to take our wedding song, an acoustic version of a song that is very difficult to find, off my husband's phone so that we knew the correct version would be played at our wedding.

The first dance comes and the song starts playing - it's the wrong version of the song that they supposedly took right off my husband's phone so that there was "no way" the guy tells us, that they could screw it up.  The faster more pop version of the song comes on which is kind of a mood killer when you're trying to slow dance to a fast song. 

Then throughout the night, he played 2 or 3 slow songs that we did not want to hear, started playing "Celebration" which was one of the very first "do not play" songs, and also only played 8 of our 30 "must play" songs. 

It was irritating and extremely annoying to have put so much time and effort into making sure that the best music was going to be played only to be let down.  This company and their DJs are not worth a dime.  Don't waste your money.  I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

Re: Don't Use Phenomenon Sound!

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    Im going to tell my friends who are future brides!! thank you! im sorry this happened on your wedding day!
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    Which DJ did you have?  Theres a variety of them, and i'm sure some are better than others...the one that was at the wedding I just went to was great and played a great set (and even took requests). This might be a case of one of their employees not being up to par and doing his research before your day. 

    I'm sorry you had a less-than-stellar experience! I definitely agree that its frustrating to have things go wrong when you specifically met with them to lay everything out.
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    Phenomenon Sound was my favorite vendor!! They were very very accomodating and catered to our must play and do not play list.  The volume was perfect and they played a great variety of music.  I found them extremely easy to work with and wanted to make sure my day was perfect.  I would definitly recommend them to anyone and everyone.  I'm sorry you had a bad experience with them!
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