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Honey moon Registry's?

Has anyone looked into registry's for Honey Moons?  My fiance and I already live together and have EVERYTHING we need after combining two households.  If guests decide to purchase a gift we would like to go on a fantastic honey moon, and wanted guests to be able to feel like they are purchasing gifts such as, night at hotel, surging lessons, etc if they don't like the idea of giving cash.  
If you know of a safe, and easy site please let me know, Thanks :)

Re: Honey moon Registry's?

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    I've looked into it, because FI and I own our own home and have acquired quite a bit. However, honeymoon registries seem to be a touchy subject. Some people think they are tacky, or rude etc... So be careful when you decide. Smile My wedding venue actually suggested one to us when we brought up the idea http://www.allabouthoneymoons.com/ Good Luck!
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    No.  First of all, the registry company takes a cut off the top, and if I were giving someone a $100 gift I would want them to get the full amount, not $85.  Also, you're basically asking your guests for cash, which is pretty rude.

    Consider a small registry to upgrade some of your household items.  If you don't register, people are inclined to ask you what you would like, and you could let them know you're saving for your honeymoon.  Your family and friends know you, and will give you a gift they feel appropriate.  They know you don't need another set of china, so you won't get gifts like that.
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    I'm using honeyfund.com. They don't take any money. BUT if you want your guests to pay via credit card, they have to use paypall. Which will charge YOU 3% on the transaction plus .03 cents per transaction.

    No it's not pleasant having the transaction fees, but I wanted to offer guests the opportunity to use their credit cards.

    I think the only way to avoid a credit card transaction fee or fee from a honeymoon website, is to do a REAL honeymoon registry. Where guests are actually paying for services instead of providing you with cash for your honeymoon.

    I looked at Club Meds Wedding Registry. My issue with this is that while your guests will actually be paying for dinners, hotel nights, ect... the prices seemed overly inflated, and I'm not very much into all inclusive vacations.
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    We are doing a couple of more traditional registries, but we are doing a honeyfund.com honeymoon registry as well. It's free, and like Norway_T said, they don't take a percentage off the gift since your guests will be sending cash/checks directly to you. Using a credit card is a nice option though, and I think some people would be willing to pay to extra 3% paypal fee for the sake of convenience.

    I know some people consider honeymoon registries dishonest because you ultimately get cash and can use it on anything you want. However, I read on one message board about a couple who did a honeymoon registry and then took photos of themselves enjoying the gift on their honeymoon (such as having the waiter take a photo of them while at a romantic dinner someone bought them). Then they sent the photo with the thank you note. I thought this was a great idea.

    I think honeymoon registries are brilliant, especially if you have all the material things you need. In my opinion, the oportunity to create memories together is a much greater gift than getting a salad spinner.
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    I personally don't think there is anything wrong with a honeymoon registry if that is right for you.  If other people have a problem with them they can choose not to do them.  If any of your guests have a problem with them, your guests can choose to honor you another way. I have had a couple of my best friends do the honeymoon registry and it was VERY well received by guests.  My fiance' and I ultimately decided to do one, as well. (www.thehoneymoon.com) For us it was right...:) Ultimately you have to do what YOU are comfortable with!  Good luck and have fun!
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    We used www.honeymoonwishes.com & had a great experience! We had people thank us for registering in this unique way because it held more meaning to them to give us a romantic dinner on the beach for our honeymoon than it did to send us a blender. :) 
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