Alterations at Macy's Bridal

Has anyone had any experience with alterations at Macy's Bridal salon?? Did it go well? Did they do a good job? Are prices reasonable or comparable?

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    If you are talking about the Macy's Bridal Salon by Demetrios, yes I went there, and I had a terrible experience.  They changed my appt last minute, which was an issue because I live in Milwaukee, and they never even apologized. Then during the appt, they were rude.  Everything that I asked to be done with the alterations, the seamstress said it couldn't be done. Then they wanted to charge me over $600! The girl tried telling me that's the average price for alterations, which is a lie.  Then, when I said I would go elsewhere, they said nothing, left the room and never helped me out of my dress!  Then as we were putting the dress back in the bag, we realized that she didn't pin me with the bustle under my dress, so the length would have been all wrong!  They also ripped my dress while pinning me.  GO ELSEWHERE!  They wouldn't let me see the manager while I was there either. Terrible experience, save you're money! 
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