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My 1920's wedding

Hello everyone! My wedding was 9/1/12 and we had a 1920's speakeasy theme. Just thought I would share some pictures in case others wanted to look.

All of our guests were encouraged to dress to the theme and had a blast! Even our older relatives had fun with all of it. One of the biggest hits was our bar menu that we created, inspired by real drinks from the 20's.
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Re: My 1920's wedding

  • So nice! Love it! What drinks did you serve? Here is the car I want to rent:

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  • We had - old fashioned, pimm's cup, the bronx, planter's punch and rootbeer float as our specialty drinks (though we had enough liquor anyone could request pretty much any drink)
  • Absolutely beautiful pictures. We are having a roaring 20's wedding on February 15, 2014 planned.  Great ideas....thank you for sharing!
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    I'm doing a 20's theme too, what ideas for centerpieces?!
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    You can see our centerpieces in the photos:

    We set it up like a card game in progress with poker chips that matched our colors and decks of cards that also matched our colors. It wasn't extravagant but we thought it would be a cute way to make it seem more like a speakeasy.
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    i'm having a speakeasy themed wedding myself :D

    your colors are awesome

    mine are.....
    cobalt blue
    and black

    i noticed you had placement seating......was that a hassle because i wanted to do it but didn't want people to be mad if they didn't like the people they sat with
  • It was a hassle making all of the escort cards, but I think it put the guests at ease because they knew exactly where to go (they didn't have to worry about trying to find a table with enough seats for everyone in their group etc.). 
  • Your wedding was absolutely beautiful! And looked like tons of fun! I love the idea of a vintage wedding!! Thanks for sharing with us! :-)
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