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Wedding Inspiration Wednesday: Destination(s)

Good Morning Lovely Ladies and Go Heat!!!! As July draws near, my good friend (and wedding twin, if you will) begins her one year countdown to her Jamaican Destination wedding. This got me thinking about how fun destination weddings can be. People tend to picture beachside ceremonies when the word destination appears, but you can have a destination wedding anywhere (look at me? I chose Disney!!). Most resorts take care of florals for you and a lot of stress is taken away from the bride. They're also a blank canvas. You're destination wedding can be whatever you want it to be: traditional beach soiree, fairytale forest, candelit romance. Here are some boards to get you gals thinking :)

(this looks familiar huh Dania??? lol)

(Who says you can't have a destination wedding in the states??)

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