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Let's talk driving etiquette, shall we?

LA drivers are making me crazy and it's getting progressively worse as the holiday's near.  Feel free to add onto my list of pet peeves.

* When driving on the freeway, it is not acceptable to drive 45 mph when you could be going 70.  If you want to drive Miss Daisy then go on the service streets.

* If you decide that you want to go in the fast lane (that's the one all the way to the left!) then you should be going the speed of everyone else in that lane.  Actually, this pertains to all lanes.

* If I am coming up behind you (as in you're not going the right speed for the lane) and it's a little trafficy, you should be the one to get over if you're driving the same speed as the peeps in the lane next to you.  Especially if the car in front of you is a mile ahead and you're still trotting along.

Anyone else?
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Re: Let's talk driving etiquette, shall we?

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    Do not break check me...if I am on your ass that means you are in the wrong lane! 

    Also if I pass you do not suddenly speed up trapping me in the wrong lane grrrr.
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    Do not break check me...if I am on your ass that means you are in the wrong lane! 


    and when I decide to change lanes Please!! Please!! don't decide to change lanes at the same time keeping me behind you, making change back to the lane were I was originally in... (I hate that)

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     *If I am coming up behind you (as in you're not going the right speed for the lane) and it's a little trafficy, you should be the one to get over if you're driving the same speed as the peeps in the lane next to you.   

    - Hate when this happens, drives me nuts! 

      Don't get too friendly with the brake, ie: breaking every 30 seconds, especially if  there is no reason too and the nearest car ahead of you is pretty far away.  
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    *Please please stay in your lane!!

    *If you put your signal light (meaning your switching lanes) make sure you switch to the correct lane.

    I was coming home from disneyland last week and this driver in a van kept putting his left signal and would switch to the right lane!!! Then he went back to the lane and was swirving! WTF!
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    I think the major issue is that alot of people don't pay attention to what the heck they are doing when they are driving or think about the consequences of not doing so.

    I have times when I am going 65 mph sometimes 70.  Normally I go at the speed of traffic.  If you're on my rear when I am going the legal speed limit, you find enother lane going at the insane speed you want to go at rather than staying on my rear.  When people do that to me,  I tend to slow down because if I end up having to break suddenly they will hit me because in their own stupidity they didn't keep the standard to 2 to 3 car distance when traveling at high speed.  I don't like taking chances based upon a complete stranger's ability to react.

    I couple of weeks ago I was going to pick my mom up and this idiot behind me was in a rush to get nowhere fast.  He was weaving in and out of traffic, not signaling.  I try to take my ego out of the drivers seat.  So, I just kept myself in the right most lane and let him pass me to whatever date he wanted to have with a short car crash.  Sure enough, about a mile out that very same moron had hit a tree. 

    The holidays make things consistently worse.  People use the time of year you're supposed to be nicer to others as an excuse to be as idiotic, mean and stupid as possible.

    I make it point to avoid traffic prone areas whenever I can.  Whenever you have more people packed in close proxiimity the chance is higher that one of them is going to do something stupid.  When I drive out to Glendale to see my teacher every week I use the 118 to the 210 to the 2, rather than the more direct 101 t o the 134.  Why? Because I have had so many problems with morons who cannot drive on that single stretch of freeway that I would rather drive a longer, less crowded stretch of freeway rather than put myself at risk and arrive a ball of nerves to my singing lessons.

    In defense of some LA Drivers, I think St. Louis drivers are far worse.  My Fi constantly tells me stories about the accidents he sees on the stretch of freeway he drives going to work every morning. 

    Some of the things he's see:

    1. People in a small cutting off a Semi Truck, yeah that's smart(that turned out to be a a fetality) And he came home two hours late because of they had to clean up the high way and do an investigation.

    2. People maintaining the same speed in icy conditions just as if it was nice and sunny.  That's just brilliant!

    3. People putting their make up on while their driving, talking on the phone or reading the newspaper(yeah smart).

    4.  Then there's another fun factor:  Deer hunting season.  Those things are big.  At night, in a wooded area out there, it's simply not safe to drive over 40 mph there.  There are plenty of people who do and then wonder why they destroy their car by blowing into a 300lb+ animal that has as many brain cells as they do.

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    Do not block side streets or major intersections. If there are cars in front of you, wait at the light, even if it's green. Cause when the light turns, I do not want to be waiting for you to get out of the intersection!

    Awesome story: A woman on Ventura tried taking my parking spot the other day, while I was still in it. She kept motioning me to go around, and I was like - um, there are cars flying by in the far left lane. We're on a major street. She held up an entire lane of traffic through 3 traffic lights.
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    Yeah, Ventura Blvd. can be killer around noon.  Lot's of cars flying by and alot of people getting in and out of their vehicles.  Another strectch of road I try to avoid between noon and 6 pm.

    Also since it's in one of those major shopping areas, lots of people with expensive vehicles who have the self-importance to think that traffic should wait for them.
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    Ditto people who use their breaks for no reason - all the time. Simply lifting you foot off the gas will do the same thing.

    Also on unprotected left turns you're supposed to pull all the way out into the middle of the intersection to wait for traffic to clear to turn left so other people can move out as well.

    PS: Tilliea - you should get a medal for the longest posts EVER!!!
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    Nothing is more annoying than when someone is going slow in the fast lane or carpool lane. If you want to go slow, do it another lane please. Some people have places to be. 

    Furthermore, if you are going slow in a fast moving lane, don't break check people, just merge into a slower lane.
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    And use your damn turn signal. I hate when people merge or turn without putting on their turn signal.
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    If I am traveling the legal speed and you want to go 70+ then you switch lane. As far as im concerned the speed limit is 65 for the entire freeway, i know slower traffic is on the right, but I hate it when i am traveling 65-70 and some crazy wants me to go faster.  What cant they read it says 65!!!! and if you want to go faster then move to another lane and pass me. 

    Also if the new law says we cant be on the cell when driving, why do i constantly see police offices talking on their cell, not handsfree while driving their cruiser?  WTF, can I ticket them?
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    LOL Erica! I see police officers talking on their cell phones while driving all the time.  I hate that some think they are above the law and can get away with it. We should be able to pull them over and ticket them.
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    Please do NOT block the intersection!!!

    There have been PLENTY of times that I have been on my way to work and people block the intersection because they dont want to get caught by the light. Now, because of these IDIOTS, I miss the light myself because I cant go anywhere!

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