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    yay!  congrats!  please share some wedding porn when you get a chance!
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    Congratulations!  I'm glad you had great weather.  Recap for us when you get a chance.  
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    Congratulations! And yes come back with the porn!
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    On the honeymoon, waiting for the photos and video highlight real to leave full reviews, though I know I will be super happy with both.

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    Corbin Kell Photography
    Fantasea Yachts (amazing!)
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    Alright all, so details...the day was actually a lot less stressful that I expected I got married on Fantasea Yachts so I got ready at the Marina Del Rey hotel; rooms were ok, nothing amazing but it was a great view and the staff was nice. Flowers we did DIY from the flower district, except for my bouquet which Tic Tock flowers did (excellent job with sterling roses and stargazers).  The staff on Fantasea was just as awesome as when I first met with them; food was really good, buffet style.   We did the cupcake tower since we were on a budget; kind of wish we had done a real cake just for the cutting but owell.  We had Mike Goulding from" target="_blank"> for the video; his editing takes about 6 weeks so no video yet but he was super professional and all his work I'd see was great, two big thumbs up to him.  Photography was Corbin Kell,, he is doing the final edit but he let me see about 100 images thus far and they are amazing!  I'm not photogenic but he pulled it off; and I was suprised with what he could do on a yacht (I guess that's why he is a preferred vendor at fantasea), and he really helped the wedding just kind of flow.  After that for our honey moon we actually did a 'staycation' kind of deal; we price lined a different four star hotel ever night for about a week; it was a lot of fun and really cheap...if you like flying by the seat of your pants I highly recommend it.
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