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Haven't shared this yet..

I haven't shared my engagement story yet, so here goes!

Chris had the ring for about 6 weeks before he proposed, and I was trying not to drive him crazy wondering when it would happen, but I'm sure I did. Our anniversary was coming up, and he had said something that made me think it would happen on that day, but then he starting bluntly telling me that it wouldn't be that day and that I'd have to wait a little longer. I was kind of disappointed, but accepted it.

The day of our anniversary I was out shopping after work and he texted me asking when I would coming home. When I got home there wasn't anything special to tip me off, so I figured it wasn't happening. We exchanged gifts and chilled for a bit. Then he said that he had one more gift that was too delicate to go in the gift bag and went into the kitchen. He handed me a piece of chocolate and said it was "fitting." It took me a second to realize it was a miniature chocolate wedding cake, and when I turned it over it had the ring tied onto it! Then we cracked the champagne and celebrated. 

It was a great day!
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