What's in your OOT bag?


I'm looking for ideas for our OOT bags. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Re: What's in your OOT bag?

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    I provided our guests in their OOT bag:
    • 2 bottles of Glaceau vitamin water (Revive - we were told that is the best for hangovers)
    • 2 bottles of Aquafina water
    • 2 large bags of Kettle Chips
    • 6 homemade chocolate chip cookies
    • 2 Quaker granola bars
    • DIY booklet that had our itinerary, addresses, contact #s, and local area attractions
    • H20 Soap with our monograms on the box
    • Match books with our wedding date, name saying "thank you"
    • tons of candy (snickers, mints, m&ms, reese peanut butter cups, dove chocolates)
    We used Whole Food's "Better Bags" to hold all of the stuff.

    If you have a lot of OOT bags, I would recommend NOT baking your own cookies.  This took a long time to do and to ensure freshness it really forced me to bake non stop two days before our wedding.  Then I had to shrinkwrap and tie bows on all of the packets.  Much more time consuming than originally planned.

    I assembled the bags the afternoon before the wedding at the hotel so that took another 2 hours minimum.
    Our wedding SDE: Our wedding Feature: PW=demo
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    Maps and brochures of Chicago
    Dasani water
    Kettle Chips
    Bite sized candies (M&Ms, Snickers, Hershey Kisses)
    Tastykakes (it's a Philly thing)
    postcards of Chicago
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    List of everything in my planning bio.
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    berrytr - Tastykakes are such a great idea! I grew up in South Jersey, and I miss my butterscotch krimpets! 

    Anyway ladies, sorry to go off topic. I have not yet put together my OOT bags, but here are some things I plan to include:

    Weekend itinerary
    DIY map with hotel, cermony, and reception venues
    CTA system map/brochure
    Chicago tourist brochures
    Water bottles
    And probably some other stuff I haven't though of yet!

    Hope this helps!
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    my Aunt in S. Jersey still sends tasty cakes (chocolate) to me for my birthday every year!  I can't bring myself to let her know you can now get them at Jewel, and I never buy them there, cause they just don't taste the same.
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