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Mini Rant (Friend's Wedding)

Apologizes in advance for this rant (but I assume that ppl who don't want to read will skip it :) )

Here is the story- I am in my Best Friend from High School's wedding. She has been pretty disorganized throughout the process. Which is fine because it's not my wedding and I've been clear that I can help in anyway. So if she doesn't need/want my help then I'm ok with that.

My frustration arises because I've had to really bug her to get just the general details of the day. I even waited until last month to start asking. (2 mos before the wedding) I finally got the details of the day (kinda). But Her twin sister has yet to give me details on the Bachelorette Party except for the date.

I'm a really easy going person but what finally is making me want to pull my hair out is that our Bridesmaid Dresses are still a couple weeks from getting in. Thats after I went in to order the dress and she changed the dress completely without my knowledge. So I've never tried the dress on or see it. The way the Bridal Salon does their ordering is they wait until all the BMs have placed their order then they order them. I knew this was going to be a nightmare but again I didn't say anything and I guess the Bride waited until the last minute to get on the other BMs to order.

Egh I have to be honest, I am annoyed that now I have to worry about the dress fitting. Hopefully the Bridal Shop is on top of their measuring because if its a mess I wont have time to fix it.

Thanks for reading :) I'm feeling better already

Re: Mini Rant (Friend's Wedding)

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    Oh her Wedding is a Month away in Aug.
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    Thats super annoying! 

    Ordering dresses like that can be sooooo scary.. I was bigger when I was in my brother's wedding, I wore a street size 14, but they measured me and said I needed to order a 20!  I was shocked, and luckily I had my mom there (I was only 16) and she went against the sales lady and ordered a 16.  It fit perfect--if not a little big! 

    I hope it works out for you.

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    Ugh, that sucks! I feel your pain!

    I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding the summer after we graduated high school. So most of the planning was when we were still in school. I never got any details about anything, and the bride lived WAY out in the boonies and didn't have a phone for awhile, so I couldn't even call her to ask. The MOH called me one afternoon, and was all "I'm at the rehearsal for the wedding that we're both in this weekend, where are you?" I had to tell her "I'm at home, rehearsal sounds like fun, wish someone would have told me about it so I could be there."

    At that point, I was fed up and decided I wasn't going to bother to show up. I'd stayed somewhere the night before the wedding, and when I got home at about 9:30 in the AM, my mom told me that the bride and her mom had been calling since 6:30 that morning. I called her mom's number, and she told me that the whole wedding party was there, there were a couple people doing everyone's hair. She told me that bride was really worried I wasn't going to show up.

    So then I had to rush to pick up my dress, have one of the girls that were doing hair talk to a stylist at the Great Clips next door to the dress shop to explain how they were doing hair so it could look similar, which it didn't. So irritated at this point. So I make it out to the ceremony on time, and when I finally got the chance to talk to bride alone afterwards, she started bawling, telling me that she was scared I wasn't going to show up, that MOH promised her she'd get me all the details since we went to the same school and bride lived furthur away... I felt kind of bad for being mad at her, b/c I really don't think it was her fault...

    Sorry to rant on your rant. =)

    Oh, MOH also had a meltdown right before the ceremony about how she looked fat in her dress. Bride had to comfort her and calm her down... ugh...
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    that the problem with getting married right after high school :)
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    Ugh! I hear you! A friend of mine just got married, FI was a groomsmen and I was kind of PA, handing out programs and helping the bride and groom. Thursday night, two days before the wedding, none of us had any idea what was going on. The groom made a comment to FI offhand like, see you tomorrow night. FI was like "what the heck are you talking about" and groom said "for the rehearsal...and then we're setting up the church until the wee hours of the morning" none of which had EVER been discussed with me, FI, or most of the other bridal party. We hadn't even heard what time we were supposed to be anywhere the day of the wedding! It's rude and selfish to assume people are just going to know that they have to dedicate days before your wedding to you without letting them know in advance! FI had to pull a bunch of strings to take off work and I didn't go because I wasn't able to get off on the late of notice
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    So I got the call yesterday that my dress was in. So I drove the 70 miles to go pick it up because I have been stressing about the fit and for the most part it fits. The only thing that needs to be altered is the halter top. However my mom can shortened the straps no problem.
    Thanks for letting me vent! All is fine!
    Just need to find shoes!.
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