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Updating my mom's veil

My parents got married in 1955, and my mom thought it would be special for me to wear her veil for my wedding.  It's in pretty good shape, but definitely dated.  Does anyone know of a place that could re-do the tuille on it and update it a bit to match my dress?  She's ok with me making alterations to it - as she sees it, she'll never wear it again.  The headband piece is a pretty good match and is in good condition, so I think I'll try to keep that as-is and add the rest of the veil.

Re: Updating my mom's veil

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    JenMar Creations specializes in re-using or updating dresses, veils, etc.  www.jenmarcreationsmn.com is their new website. They're doing my dress alterations & they're great!

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    Are you going to a seamstress for dress alterations? Perhaps she (or he, I realize I'm making an assumption) could help you with that. I would've trusted my seamstress to do something like that.
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    Amazing Alterations re did my mom's veil for me. :) My mom's was catherdral length with a little goofy crown thing on the top and she just re made it into a lace trimmed fingertip length veil. :) You can see pics in my bio.
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