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Do or Don't: Gift Registry if You Elope

Before I decided to elope I already had set up my bridal registry, do I take them down?

I am planning on having a get together for friends and family once I get photos back from the photographer to share with them everything we did and I know some people will want to bring or send a gift. I am not planning on sending out anything that says "bride registered at ...."

So, is having a bridal registry even though you are eloping a do or don't?

Re: Do or Don't: Gift Registry if You Elope

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    Generally if you elope, you should not register for gifts.  If you send out announcements following your elopement and have a registry, it will look as though you're only asking for gifts.  If someone decides to send you a gift, it is always a nice gesture, but you probably won't receive as many gifts as if you had a traditional wedding.
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    I agree with Louisianablue that you probably wont receive as many gifts as if you had a traditional wedding, and also that you shouldn't send out any registry info, so you don't look like you're seeking out gifts, but I suppose you could just convert one of your registries to a "wish list" or housewarming registry (if applicable) because motivated well-wishers might look that info up on their own.  We've had friends and even work associates that we haven't invited to any wedding-related event, just look our names up on wedding channel and send us engagement gifts out of the blue! 
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    Thanks for your feedback girls. I think I am just going to take them down!
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    I think it is ok as long as you have a reception of some type. My cousin went to Vegas to get married and then had a big party with family and friends.
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    I would say no. If anyone asks, you can tell them some things that you'll need, but having a registry without inviting anyone to your ceremony is typically frowned upon and appears 'gift-grabby', as PP said.
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