How to word "Dinner Only" No reception

My fiance and I have always wanted an intimate wedding.  No dancing, no attendants other than his BM & my MOH. Our ceremony & reception will be held in the same place and is very upscale.  We are having a full plated meal dessert and alcohol.  How do we word the Invite so that people will know that it wont be the typical over the top crazy party that they are used to.  Were even considering having background music only.

Re: How to word "Dinner Only" No reception

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    IMO, I don't think you need to tell your guests the logistics of your wedding. I would say that if you were not going to serve dinner then you would have to mention something because people expect a meal. I've been to two weddings where there was no dancing or drinking. They didn't put it any different on the invitation. Although it would have been nice to know they weren't going to serve alcohol so we could have planned accordingly :)
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    Would it still be ok to say the traditional "Reception to follow" on the invite?
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    You could say dinner and drinks to follow if you don't want to use the word reception.
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    You could say "formal dinner to follow" or "celebratory dinner to follow".  To me, that would set the expectation that it was just dinner and no crazy partying.
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    We are doing exactly like what you are talking about and worded our invite "join us as we exchange vows and celebrate our new life together"  "dinner reception to follow" Reception does not connotate dancing, it means you are "receiving" visitors (your guests) with a celebratory dinner.
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