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So my friend is getting married this winter and asked that we all go to David's got get fitted for the gowns.  I went the other day and got fitted, but I am feeling weird about the sizing.  Normally I am about a size 2 in a dress, but the woman insisted on ordering me a 10.  I know that bridal fashion sizes do not go according to the normal dress sizes, but still...I ended up going with the 10, because she insisted that the 8 would not fit.  I just don't want the gown to arrive and be super huge (and have to shell out a ton of money for alterations).  I am only concerned because the last wedding I was, the bride also used DB, and the size 6 gown fit me perfectly (no alterations required).Any advice you can give me would be great. Tx! 

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    Doesn't Davids carry samples in every size?
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    I don't know if there's anything that can be done now if it's ordered. I would have asked to try on a dress in that size first. I suppose you could try to make an appointment to go try one on in the size to see how it fits and if it doesn't, try to change the order since it's so close to when you ordered it. I don't know that they would let you change it, though. Good luck.
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    For some reason, they did not have the particular dress I needed in anything but a 4, 6, and 12 (the sizes in between she could not find).  The 4/6 were too tight, so the woman insisted that the 10 would be perfect even though I could not try it on.Oh well...this whole process drives me nuts!
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    hmm do they take exchanges? I'm a street size 0 and I was a size 4 at David's. I don't know if that helps...
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    Yeah.. I dunno... I was a 10 in my bridal size (damn those designers) and was a size 4 for my going-away (bridesmaid) dress....I would not have ordered a 10.  It quite litterally could put you out to sea and you'll be swimming.  They're sizes are all screwy I think.
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    Davids Bridal does not do any refunds or exchanges.  If there is a problem with the dress, if you speak up they can exchange it with a dress in another David's Bridal store but this was only after I spoke with the manager.  They goofed on my mother's dress.  You might be fine and if it is a bit too big, you can have it altered.  Better too big than too small.
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    I'm surprised there's that much of a difference between the David's sizes and your size - I'm about 2 sizes bigger at David's than I am normally.  That being said, if the 4/6 was too tight, you should be ok in the 10.  You  might need to get it taken in a little, but not a couple sizes worth.  And someone said this above, but too big is definitely way better than too little - there is absolutely no seam allowance to have the David's dresses let out if need be.  You can do even exchanges, but if it's anything like what I just went through, it's a 12 week process to get the dress.  So, you'd have to wait for your dress to come in and then determine that it's too big and then exchange it - so probalby 24 weeks total - do you have that much time before the wedding? 
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    Just as an FYI my MOH ordered a 10 from DB in January since then she's lost 2 dress sizes and I called to ask what she should do. They said that she can either alter the dress (they can alter up to 2 sizes down) or she can exchange it for one in the store. The DB we are using is the one in Danvers and I've found them accomodating when ever I've had an issue. I would highy suggest calling them! Oh and if they agree to exchange have them make a note in the Brides file. HTH
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    I'm really surprised that the sizes are that different. My DB dress gown size was the same as my street size.
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    Most davids bridals have the policy that once it leaves the store you can't exchange it. So what they told me when my girls were gettting their dresses was to have the girls try them on before they leave the store and if it doesn't fit they can simply order a new size at no extra cost.
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    The pp is right from what they told me.  I ordered a bridesmaids dress for my friends wedding at the same time I was trying to lose weight for my own wedding, so I was worried that it would be too big when it came in.  What they told me is that when the dress comes in, you try it on IN THE STORE and then they will do a "size exchange" at no charge if it doesn't fit right.  If you take it out of the store, then you can't do it.  Once you get one that fits pretty well, then they do the minor alterations.Oh - and it took mine like a week to come in, and they can also rush the dress for some charge - so I wouldn't worry too much about the ordering time either.Good luck!
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    A friend of mine had the same issue at David's.  They told her to order a size 10 dress and when it came in it was too big.  David's did allow her to exchange it for a smaller size...luckily there was enough time before the wedding to order a new dress.  I think she had to push for the exchange.  I think they try to get you to order larger sizes so that can charge you more for alterations.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck!
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