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Don't Use Veronica's SweetCakes in Marshfield

I have been going to Sweetcakes since it opened in Marshfield in the early '90's.  Every occasion we had in our family we ordered our cakes from this bakery.  That now ends.  I recently went to do a cake testing for my wedding cake.  The woman who I met with never told me her name, just plopped some cake down in front of me and the people I came with.  (one slice of cake of each flavor for 3 people) She told me the kinds of cakes and then left the room.  We tried them and she came back and asked if we wanted to try anything else, I asked for yellow cake with a lemon filling.  That filling was like the consistancy of the old school table talk pies with the BRIGHT yellow filling, it tasted as bad as it looked.  I then asked to try the lemon cake, she brought out a tiny bite sized lemon cupcake for the group of us to try......one....for all of us.  It wasn't as bad as the lemon filling so we decided we would go with that, albeit dry, it was the best of the lot.  We sat down to design the cake.  I wanted simple and elegant, I was talked into cala lilies.  I am having then in my bouquet so I thought it was fine.  The woman went back to do the math and came back and told me the price of the cake and then there was an additional charge for $35 for delivery fee.  I should mention my wedding venue is about a mile, if that, from the bakery and then a $25 fee for the cala lilies.  Maybe THAT is why she wanted me to have them.  When she left the room we were all in shock at the price for the delivery alone.  She came back and I told her I had been to another bakery and I couldn't understand why the prices were so high, at that she slammed the slip down, told me their cakes start at $4.00/slice - mine for some reason was $4.25 and told me 1/3 deposit secured my date and stormed out of the room.  

That my friends is not the way to get business.  I will now go to the other bakery who had lower prices, a store manage who personally took care of me and who had AMAZING cakes and fillings and were priced less.

Good Luck with your business.....your not the only bakery around!
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