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We're getting a new student...

He's transferring here from another district after being placed with a foster family. He was removed from his home when child services found out his real parents had been keeping him and his three siblings (who are also going here, but in other grades, and one at the high school) in a cage when the kids got home from school. Tomorrow is my last day and he won't be coming until after Christmas break, so I won't get to meet him or anything.

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Re: We're getting a new student...

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    Fishy, I hear ya.  I really wish I knew more about my athlete's homelives, because it makes things much easier to understand, and really much easier to relate to them.

    Like, the girl who always assumes that I hate her and think she's not a good volleyball player, no matter how much praise I give her.  Any time I "coach" her at all, she takes it as "you suck!"  Turns out, she lives with her grandparents because her parents didn't want her as a baby.  But, they kept all her other siblings.  And they still won't talk to her or let her visit with her siblings.

    Once I know a story like that, it makes it easier to understand their issues and help. 

    Also - I wish there were more guidance counselors out there who actually cared.  I'm not sure any at the school I coach for do.  Whit - hurry up with that degree and come be the counselor where I coach.  Cool
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    I'm so glad to hear of your sensitivity to this child/children.  I wish there was special training for teachers in working with children who have experienced trauma.  It definately affects their process of learning and relating to others.  They have proven that the brain (specifically the hippocampus) can be damaged by the trauma.  These children may react to sounds, smells, a touch which will set them off.  I wish you all the best.
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