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The shoes that you ordered from, how did they fit? I am thinking of buying a pair of shoes and I am not sure what size to get, I  am sometimes a 6 and sometimes a 6.5 but I don't want the shoes to be too small because I tend to not wear them because of that. these are the shoes[url][/url]

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    I normally wear a 9.5, I ordered a 10 and they fit perfectly, I dont think a 9.5 would have fit properly. I havent walked around in them much so im not sure hwo they feel but they appear to fit perfectly this way. Those are pretty, I was looking at those earlier!
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    Thanks! My little sister wears typically a size bigger than me so I am going to get the 6.5 and if they don't fit I just give them to her.
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    $17...holy crap!
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    I know! Thank Nebb for finding the website.
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    I dont know if you saw my post this morning P2, but i didnt get charged any duties on the order, so other than 10$ for shipping it was really cheap.
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