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Using a friend's photographer?

Hi, I'm new to this wedding planning stuff! One of my top priorities is having a great photographer.  Some friends of ours got married last summer and had a fantastic photographer. Their pics were absolutely gorgeous. Looking at other photogs websites, I am not very impressed with anyone in the area. I am simply in love with the photos this particular one takes.

My question is, is it rude to use the same photographer as our friends? Should I ask her if it would bother her? I really don't think it would, but I wasn't sure if this was poor etiquette. Our pictures will be taken in a completely different city than theirs were too.  Please let me know what you think!
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Re: Using a friend's photographer?

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    It's absolutely not rude! Photographers get much of their business from people who loved a friend or family member's wedding photos.

    If you love the photographer's work, go for it. :)
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  • I don't see how someone could be bothered by that...  
  • If anything, I think she'd probably be flattered that you liked her photos enough to hire the same guy...
  • that would be ridiculous if she cared
  • Most photographers get business in this way. They take good photos for someone, other people see those photos, and those people decide to use the photographer. 

    If it were my friend, I would be so excited that she liked my photos enough to go with the same person. I would never expect my friend to ask me if it was ok.
  • Does she have exclusive rights to the photographer?  Seriously if your friend does't like you using "her" photographer she's the one with the issue.  Do you ask your friends' permission before going to "their" grocery stores, gas stations, dry cleaners, restaurants.  It's the same thing. 
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  • Agree with PPs, nothing wrong with it at all!
  • Absolutely not! This is the best compliment you can give the bride AND the loved the pics enough to invest in her photographer.
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    [QUOTE]We're using a photographer that a friend used at her wedding a few months ago.  She was excited for us and highly recommended him.
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    This is how we got our photographer as well.  Our friend was so excited that we wanted to use him cause she had such a great experience with him. 
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  • I don't see a problem with that at all! Like someone else said, that's how photographers get a lot of their work - by word of mouth and people seeing their photos!  I don't think your friend will get upset with you!

    If it makes you feel better, we know about 4 or 5 other couples who have used the photgrapher we're using!  They are so reasonably priced and do good work!
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