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People who don't RSVP

Out of 65 sent we only got 15 back..sad days!  I am going to reach out this week since we need our count by Friday.  Does this sound okay (texting/Facebooking is quicker and easier for me than calling):

Hello! We are turning in our final plate count this week for the wedding and don't seem to have your RSVP card, do you plan on attending?  If so, could you please tell me how many and your guest's full name?  Thank you!

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Re: People who don't RSVP

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    I would call where possible.  Makes it more personal and easier to communicate effectively your wants/needs from them.  I wouldn't fb.  Too easy to ignore...
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    Don't text or FB.

    It's way too informal. Just call them. It's a 5 min phone call max. You and your FI each call your guests.
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    The caterer needs the exact headcount a whole month out? That's unfortunate.

    I'd definitely call. Assuming you get the person, you might get an immediate answer, so you'll get your count much quicker (I mean, if they ignored the RSVP card, what's to stop them from ignoring the FB message?).

    If you call, you know they've heard you, and they know you mean business.
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    It doesn't really matter what's easiest for you. You should call. And don't beat around the bush with "we don't seem to have" just say "hey, haven't heard back from you about our wedding, do you plan to attend"
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    Call them and give them a specific deadline for responding, and tell them that if you haven't heard from them by that time, you are assuming that they are not coming.
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    [QUOTE]Call them.  I have missed so many messeges on FB. 
    Posted by snippet17[/QUOTE]

    This!  I'm sure a lot of your guestlist are close friends, but if you haven't communicated via FB with them recently, it may send your message to the dreaded "other" inbox.  I had messages months old when I finally found that inbox.  Calls won't take that long....sorry so many ppl were inconsiderate and didn't rsvp!

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    That is Sad. Is it that hard to put it in the pre-stamped envelope?

    I get all excited and try to be the first person to respond.

    I personally don't think FB is a bad idea for the first wave. I'd send everyone a message asking them to send their reply card back.I know it's less personal than a phone call, but then again, a phone call shouldn't be required...they should be sending their cards back.... my friends and family are so "connected" to FB that it's prob the easiest way to reach them.

    If I didn't hear back quickly, then I'd start calling people.

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