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Is David's Bridal good?

I am about to begin the dress search and was wondering if David's Bridal has good quality dresses.  I'm concerned that the prices are so good because the fabric, beading or alterations are poor.  Just wanted an idea before I go.  Thank you!

Re: Is David's Bridal good?

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    I went this week, they seemed ok, a lot of the styles are knock-offs of the ones you may see on the Jim Helm website, etc. which could save you money.  I would just tell you not to go to the one on RT. 22 in Springfield, the service was not a class-act which turned me off.  I cant imagine the beading or fabric getting ruined in the amount of hours you really wear it.
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    I'm not a huge fan of David's Bridal.  When you're in the store, the dresses look nice, but once you see a nicer gown (not necessarily more expensive, just "nicer") you can tell that many of them aren't made as well.  Not ALL of them... there are definitely some nice ones in David's Bridal, so definitely go there if you want to try it out.

    What's your budget? 

    I bought my dress at Russells in Linden (the people are so friendly - especially Erica) and all of their dresses are priced so that the "average working girl" (their words, not mine) can afford them.

    My suggestion: Look for dresses at a place llike Russells Bridal or other stores (not David's Bridal) and then call up places like RK Bridal and Chrissy O's and there's one other place that I can't think of... you can get your dress much cheaper at those places.  I could have gotten my $1100 gown for about $400 cheaper at Chrissy O's, but opted not to because Russells is giving me and my bridesmaids free alterations plus a discount on my veil and they also have a payment place so that I only have to pay about $50-$100 a month after putting down my deposit.
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    It's worth going and taking a look.  I didn't personally find anything I liked there.
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     I got my dress from Davids Bridal in Wayne (across from the Willowbrook mall). I was very pleased with the customer service that I received at the store. My dress hasn't come in yet so I can't give you feedback on the fittings and stuff yet, but so far I am very happy....and looking forward to seeing my dress. I tried on about 8 dresses and the last dress I tried on was the winner. This is my dress! (It was actually recommended by the girl who was helping me). Good Luck!
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    I haven't heard many horror stories about the dresses from DB, but rather the service. When I went there on my dress search my friend and I had to share a consultant with 2 other brides as well. Needless to say, we had little to no help. I also went to a location down here in GA and it was like a zoo. Really I just wanted to look at shoes and the girl pointed and that's about as much direction as I got. But the pp are right, there are tons of similar styles at davids bridal for much cheaper.

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    I went to David's Bridal but I didn't buy a dress there, I also had to share a consultant with one other bride even though I made an appointment. Two or three dresses I tried on weren't bad. I suggest going since they do have a lot of dresses in different sizes and you can get an idea of what looks good on you.
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    The main thing I've heard is to go elsewhere for alterations.
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    I thnk they are ok, but I would suggest that you try a place like Russells, Park Avenue in Verona or maybe RK Bridal in NYC.  You can find reasonably priced gowns at places other than David's Bridal. 
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    I went to David's to start my search for a dress and ended up going to one other bridal salon after that. Personally, I found the service to be excellent (I went to the one in Wayne across from Willowbrook Mall- my consultant was Tina). I also found most of the dresses I tried on to be of very good quality. I LOVE my dress and feel that it looks and feels as good as some of the "name brand" dresses I tried on at the other bridal salon. Again, everyone's experience is different, but I enjoyed my experience there! I think the time of day you go is important (I went early on a Saturday morning, and once again on a weeknight) and also the luck of the draw when it comes to what consultant you get. I have also heard that their alterations are expensive, but I haven't gotten to that yet.
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    I got my dress at the David's Bridal in Wayne as well, and was very pleased with the service.   The ladies there were all so nice and always helpful.   I ended up getting my alterations there because all I needed was the bustle...I felt the price was very reasonable and they did a great job.     As a previous poster said, try to go during an off time and you will get better service.  We went on a weekday and the place was empty.  I would stay away from there on the weekends as it is always crowded.  

    I will add too that we got our bridesmaids, flower girls and MOB dresses there and the service when we got all of those dresses was excellent as well.
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    I didn't like my experience there.  My consultant brought dresses to my fitting room, and left me all alone with them and I was literally swimming in a sea of white tulle.  The dresses I chose were pretty heavy and I could have used some help.  My consultant finally realized that I was in there alone and so she helped me with a couple of dresses. Towards the end of my appointment, she kept pushing me to buy a dress I tried on.  She obviously didn't hear my concerns with it and it seemed she was all about making a sale for her commission.  I would not recommend David's Bridal UNLESS you're going to be visiting other bridal places too so you can make an informed decision that you're really in love with a dress.
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    I went to Macys Bridal in Menlo Park Mall yesterday and had an awesome experience!  I could go through the dress racks myself and found some things I liked.  I also went across the street to Dolores Bridal, and the same, I could go through the racks myself...
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