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Natalie Littlefield's catering

Hi :-)  I'm looking at caterers in the Vegas area and was wondering if anyone has used Natalie Littlefield?  If so, what was your experiance?I'd also love suggestions of other good and affordable caterers in the area!Thanks!Melissa

Re: Natalie Littlefield's catering

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    I haven't heard of Natalie Littlefield but I am using Masterpiece Cuisine. They work with all different budgets and have a lot to choose from. THT!
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    I'll second that!  I'm also using Masterpiece cuisine.  They are very flexible with budgets and responsive to inquires too!  I haven't read anything on Natalie Littlefield's catering during my search. I can't recommend any of these but here's a list of others:Cravings CateringBella VitaCreative CateringJason's DeliYou might also want to try "take out/catering" from a favorite restaurant and set-up with your own sterno trays, etc.
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